JR2k – Sun Anthem [Fixed Rhythms]

Jackson Ryland comes in focused and ecstatic with his first vinyl release under his technoid alias JR2K. Jackson is based in Washington DC as one-half of both Superabundance and Rush Plus. He’s recently released on Peach Discs and Pleasant Life, showcasing his knack for presenting energy as a delicacy. JR2K “Walking Backward” is another illustrious highlight in the savvy DC producer’s already-accomplished underground career. Supported by Kush Jones, Peach, Ciel, Clarisa Kimskii, Ryan Elliott, CMD, Davis Galvin, livwutang, Furtive, Golden Medusa, Lychee, Miley Serious, and JiaLing!

The A side opens up whooshy and hard with “ExoGeni Approach”. This illustrates perfectly what I love about Jackson’s style(s)…it sounds like the sickest mid-90s techno track, full of energy and movement while taking in the atmosphere with repose. After the rollercoaster intro, the acidic up-ticks, lush synth layering, and perfectly crunchy closed-hats sink your ass straight through the dance-floor to tumbling free-for-all in the green-screen collage of your daydreams. Wake up…A2 “Call Back” splashes you with a glass of refreshing water…you still got hours at the party, and you’re coming up on some healthE shit…time to get back to that business of dancing your soles and soul away to this driving monorail of euphoric acidic techno. Choo choo choose your own dance destiny, baby!

Don’t expect too much of a breather on the B-side though. “Sun Anthem” brings the solar modular beams on top of a delightfully delayed kick with swinging hats. Sounds like funky lasers, if light had mass and it could creep into your skull and massage the worries right out of your brain folds. The record ends with the titular track blooping, stomping, and clapping all over the dance floor. The end shows just how much of an auteur Jackson is, how he can put his special, funky je ne sais quoi on dance music that will shake you down hard and fast. All four tracks have something unique, but they all proudly say that dance music can be simultaneously defiant and sophisticated, banging and subtle. Cop this slab–don’t sleep!


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