Decoder – Comportment [Fixed Rhythms]

Fixed Rhythms releases a masterpiece double LP by Texas techno young star, Decoder aka Gautham Garg. Fixed Rhythms previously released a 12” EP entitled “Boulder” under his ‘Cratan’ alias in 2021, and copies zipped out the door.

Decoder, is a Dallas based producer and DJ specialising in the realm of sci-fi and deep techno. His music personifies his forward thinking ideas as well as his cultural roots, making for a blend of retro-futuristic soundscapes and experimental shades of electronic music.

In early March 2021, Decoder witnessed the inception of his debut release, “The Futurist,” brought to life by the Italian label Antiterra. Following this EP, a consistent stream of releases ensued, with Decoder contributing to labels such as Bomphcast, Srie Records, and his own imprint, Codec Recordings.

The same year marked the unveiling of his inaugural album, “Monolithic Activity Spectrum,” released under the Spanish label Subsist. Closing out the year, Decoder presented his second album, “Dark Shape,” released on Jeff Mills’ renowned Axis imprint. The momentum carried into the first half of 2022, with Decoder’s “Moro Safa EP” hitting the shelves under the Amsterdam-based label Float Records. Additionally, this period saw the release of his third full-length album, “Plurality Module,” on Subsist, along with a subsequent offering on Float Records titled “Kanavugal.”

These releases have also garnered support from many artists including the likes of Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Ben Sims, Jeroen Search, and TWR72, to name a few. Decoder’s touring schedule has also seen notable moments, including shows played at notable clubs & parties such as De School, Fold, Cialo.

His eight-track album on Fixed Rhythms consists of hypnotic, bendy techno, with a C1 electro switch-up. You’re instantly transported to the depths of the cosmos within your mind on the first needle drop. An album for all moments of the deep dance, with a D2 that ends the double LP with a powerfully optimistic sonic statement.

Decoder’s ‘Ghanaprajna’ LP is out via Fixed Rhythms on 14th March 2024 (Bandcamp/Nina Protocol) and 12th April 2024 (All Stores).
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