PREMIERE: Javi Frias – Make It Happen [Nightshift Records]

Javi Frias - make it happen

Madrid-based Discotizer Javi Frias has decided to start his own imprint, Nightshift Records, and has taken the helm for its first release. The newly minted label will focus largely on disco leaning grooves in the form of edits and housey jammers, which should come as no surprise familiar with Javi’s previous work on the likes of Street Edits, Giant Cuts, Midnight Riot and Wall of Fame. The inaugural EP in particular reflects Javi’s affinity for savory, uptempo disco joints.

Make It Happen debuts with its title track in the A1 slot, which also happens to be our premiere. It’s a blaxploitation-oozing soul cut fitted with club-ready breakbeat drums and catchy hooks.  The soulful vocals beautifully top the funky rhythm section with delight in this perfectly mixable arrangement. It’s a nice little party starter that bodes to be super useful for shifting into peak time. The track also carries a nice, organic feel to it; unsurprising considering Javi’s chops as a drummer. Meanwhile, “Power” bumps the energy up a little bit for a funky gospel affair, big chorus and all.

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On the outer groove of the B-side comes “Gonna Feel So Good”. The cut starts off with a looping brass and guitar sample, which unleashes in full once the kick comes in. It’s a fantastic main lick, with perfectly chopped vocals that don’t suffer from the repetitiveness that sometimes plagues disco reworks of this variety. It’s a track made for peaktime, fitting nicely into Javi’s preferred uptempo range, and flowing nicely between looser, jammier sections and extremely tight loop-oriented parts of the arrangement. Finally, the record closes out with “Hard Edge & Paint”, which returns to disco soul territory, providing an uptempo affair laced with glorious horns and meditated vocal snips.


If uptempo disco weapons are of interest to you, be sure to keep your eyes out for Make It Happen. The record is set to drop on wax on March 24th.

Martín Miguel