Huerta & Youandewan – AMA017

13147721_1095058633850136_7554042447533442074_oIn our recent interview with Urulu, he referred to Amadeus Records as his bastard child who he’s put a lot of time and money into. With his aim for the label gradually advancing towards developing and growing a close-knit roster of producers, the output has somewhat dwindled over the past couple of years. This is never a bad thing as the focus is now on emphasizing the quality of each individual record.

Enter AMA017, the forthcoming release from Huerta & Youandewan which we were fortunate enough to get an advanced listen to. Both producers have released on Amadeus in the past. Huerta has had a few collaborations with head honcho Urulu and some solo work while Youandewan remixed Savile’s “Being” and also has a few releases on Will Saul’s acclaimed Aus Music.

The first track by Huerta is “Mandala”, a groovy little number with warm chords, tasteful percussion and what sounds like an arpeggiated Moogy lead line that reappears throughout. This track will certainly find its way into many a record bag this summer. Huerta’s second solo contribution to the EP is “EisTee”. A low-slung groove, slightly moodier atmospheric chords and a spellbinding lead line lend it a hypnotic charm that borders on what some call ‘wrong house’.

Apache Line” is a collaboration between Huerta and Youandewan that holds a steady rhythm while a spooky lead and dubby chords slowly ramp up the tension before eventually petering out. This is one to keep dancers’ feet moving in the wee hours. The final track and Youandewan’s only solo offering of the package, “Yo Endlos” has his signature stripped back rolling groove with an indiscernible female vocal that ebbs and flows continuously. From the pleasantness of Mandala to the late night vibes of Apache Line, a fairly wide scope is covered in just four tracks and should be able to please even the pickiest of DJs and listeners alike.

The record is set to be released soon but in the meantime you can preview “Mandala” and “Apache Line” here:

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