Hi & Saberhägen – TyTB [Hi & Sabs]

Hi & Saberhägen - The Blood I Suck

Hi & Saberhägen are back. Originally coming to our attention via Glasgow-based Huntleys + Palmers in 2015, the duo has put out a steady stream of a couple of releases per year since then. With a brief hiatus in 2019, while only releasing a single track and focusing on solo projects, the duo are back with their first full release in two years.

Not taking themselves too seriously on social media outlets, we’ve noticed their music almost juxtaposes their carefree attitudes and has a sober maturity about it. “The Blood I Suck” EP is another addition to an already strong discography. Titled after… well, apparently after a booze-filled night of banter, the name of the record again shows you the contrasting sides between their personalities and the music itself (or at least so it appears). Continuing to merge live instrumentation with careful sampling and easy-going melodies, this EP encompasses what we’ve come to love about their music.

Today we’re shedding light on the closing track “TyTB”. A slowly evolving, late night journey, it fuses elements of various genres to produce a unique piece in true Hi & Saberhägen fashion. Building up slowly to reveal a dusty, lighthearted sample, the bulk of the track is a lot more somber in mood. Yet somehow, this direct contradiction in musical styles blends to create the perfect atmosphere.

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