Halvtrak – Raised Voices [EABE]


Shadowy deep house genius Halvtrak opens his box of unreleased magic to EABE, and a super tasty 4-tracker is the result. Conjured with a pure hardware setup, this release consists of pure uber-classy deep house madness.

The opener Cabinets teleports the listener to Chicago in 1989. Irresistibly jacking yet dark synth riff is joined by some choice pads and keeps up a strong, danceable atmosphere all the way to the end.

The second track Raised Voices starts up with a hypnotic rhythm that slowly builds up to another amazing pad in the ultra deep late 80s house style. Dark atmosphere is carried by a warm man-machine groove.

Mysteries of the Heart, the third track, opens with familiar ingredients: soulful rhythm patterns and soothing retro pads. However, this time the artist brings his actual voice into the mix, nodding to the deservedly famous Fingers Inc. classic “Mystery of Love”.

To finish things off, The Dark Backward opens up with a hard drum pattern and a bold synth riff, growing into a compelling piece of fresh, retro-futurist electronica. Imagine finding a box of audio tapes by a totally overlooked and unknown genius in the vein of Larry Heard and Glenn Underground, but who sadly has passed away back in 1990 at the height of his creativity, and you’re getting close to what this EP sounds like.


Halvtrak – Raised Voices [EABE]

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