Rico Casazza – Words Fail Someone [Perimeter Junk]

Rico Casazza

Rico Casazza was born in Milan, Italy, moved to London when he was 19 years old, and lived there for about 20 years, until he decided to move to Prague, Czech Republic. Rico is a prolific producer, DJ and live act, who has released around two dozen EPs, several albums and plenty of remixes since he started to produce electronic music in 2017.

Rico’s new EP with the title “Escandon” is coming out on Paul Fleetwood’s label Perimeter Junk. While staying connected to his electro and techno roots, Rico Casazza has chosen a more pop-oriented approach on his new release.

“Backstage Segment” is a bright-sounding track with complex rhythms created through smart interaction between synth sounds and drum rhythms.

The title track, “Escandon” is a bit more laid-back, with a nostalgic and melancholic sound. Through sampling the vocals of a female R & B singer, Rico creates a cool and chillout piece of electro pop.

“Seven days” is a lovely electro track with an almost Drexciya-esque vibe and tight drums, deep pads, arpeggiated synths and again very complex rhythms, which makes it a fun track to listen to in every detail.

“Word Fail Someone” has a nostalgic, soulful sound with a hammering bassline and drum section which give the track a strong drive, which creates an interesting contrast against the more relaxed melodic elements in the piece.

“Twozerofour” is an electro/techno track which showcases Rico Casazza’s talent for producing ambient soundscapes. The pads, arpeggiated synths and leads create a trippy and spacey sound together as if “Twozerofour” would be part of a sci-fi movie. It will take both home listeners and dancers on a mental and physical journey.

All in all, Rico Casazza presents an interesting and versatile EP which combines electro, techno, ambient, funk and pop sounds to a unique piece of art.


Sam P.