Gerhard Zucker – No Escape [Lunacy]


For those familiar with the Glaswegian nightlife scene, you may have heard about ‘The Unit,’ a series of notorious parties that have been taking place throughout the city for the better part of 5 years. The collective that sponsors these events, officially known as Lunacy, can usually be found making their own self-branded beer and rolling papers while running a local studio and printworks. Having operated as a bastion of creativity for Glasgow’s underground, it was only natural that Lunacy would set up their own record label – giving voice to the many musicians they have collaborated with in the past.

To celebrate the launch of their imprint, Lunacy has managed to put together a compilation of singles from 17 of their closest artists and friends titled V/A 101: DIA // ASKR. From start to finish, the aesthetic of this record is dark with a capital “D”. Strongly reminiscent of the new wave, post-punk movements of the late 70s and early 80s, many of its tracks sound incredibly authentic and capture all the angst and gothic atmosphere from the time. This makes listening to the release almost like time travel, taking you on a journey across dancefloors you thought were long forgotten, but are seemingly vibrant as ever.

Our favorite contribution to V/A 101: DIA // ASKR has to be Gerhard Zucker’s ‘No Escape,’ which takes a modern approach to channel all this post-punk energy. By relying on an assortment of acid-trance melodies, bellowing synths, and masochistic slaps of percussion, Zucker sets an all too familiar mood – one that’s shared by partygoers at 3 am who come to the shameful realization that their night is just getting started. We’ve all been there before, and this song manages to capture the satisfying dread that comes with knowing you won’t be leaving the dancefloor anytime soon.

V/A 101: DIA // ASKR hits stores today! And better yet, it will also be released in CD and cassette format! You can get yours by following the link below.

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