Fruit – Italo Island [ØEN REC.]

Our next premiere comes from ØEN Records, a Copenhagen based label with a steady stream of releases touching upon many styles of dreamy, spaced out electronic music. Though comparable in style to their Danish cousins Regelbau or Help, ØEN’s output is a little more eclectic. With more experimental records such as Red Rosa’s self-titled EP or Aske LP’s India Mixtape, ØEN releases often touch upon the ambient side of things and aren’t always focused on the dance-floor.

The tenth release on ØEN records comes from a producer by the name of Fruit, a rising talent in the Copenhagen club scene. Well known for his live-sets but having released very little so far, Fruit’s debut album is both mature and skilfully crafted. Spanning 7 tracks, Island Tape is an introspective journey full of ambient soundscapes, melodic house numbers, field recordings and beautiful textures.

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Our premiere, the B2 named ‘Italo Island’ is perhaps the most upbeat of the bunch. Waking up on an island as waves crash and bells chime, Italo Island greets you with warmth. Soon enough, as the percussion joins in and luscious arps, squeaky synths, and the bouncy bass-line emerge, Italo Island transforms into a dance-worthy affair. Every now and then, the track opens up and takes a breather as ambient pads and emotional riffs bring forth an aura of nostalgia. Cleverly bouncing between the heavy percussion and ambient soundscapes, the dreamy roller coaster goes back and forth, until all fades and you’re back on the wavy shores of Italo Island once again.

A beautiful harmony of melodic house and delicate ambient music, ØEN010’s not one to miss. Pre-order here and take a trip to Italo Island.