Folamour – Oneness [Better Listen Records]

better listen records - folamour

Better Listen Records is a label that needs no introduction, straight out of Washington DC, BLR has put out some breath-taking music from some of the biggest names in house and disco with Cody Currie, Ethyène and Ari Bald to name a few. With a motto to “press remarkable grooves” they certainly exceed this with each and every release, and have come a long way since establishing in 2016 no thanks to some great work from Martín Miguel.

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BLRVA001 is next up on releases for Better Listen with the First Class a varied artist EP with quite possibly four of the most talented artists in the game; Folamour, Ethyène, Ari Bald and Dorsi Plantar. The first track comes from the magical and magnificent Folamour with ‘Oneness’ a beautiful piece of art in which we have the pleasure to premiere for you today. The most consistent artist in his field Folamour never fails to amaze with his music which to quote his label is, ‘’For Heaven Use Only’’. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good the Frenchman actually is and this track follows suit. Sweet guitars, addictive piano melodies and jazz-infused goodness with this one, things Folamour is well-known for. A true feel good banger that will have you singing along and dancing all day and all night. Let’s face it Better Listen and Folamour was always going to end well and we cannot wait to grab a copy of this 12”. Out on april 20th via Juno!