Enflure – Unsatisfied [Ad Hoc Records]

If I had a name like Luca Thiebault I’d probably go public with it. Thinking otherwise, this Frenchman has developed the ‘Enflure‘ alias (meaning to swell/crescendo or grow in size). With a knack for splicing beats and arranging harmonised vocals, he’s what I’d call a promising recipe.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-enflure-unsatisfied” /]

Today, we’ve been lucky enough to land the EP’s title track “Unsatisfied”. On first listen it fees as though I’m listening to the love child of Romare and Maribou State. A looped spiralling vocal cut weaves its way between ethnic drums and oriental sounding keys. The bass line is relentless, encouraging all those in attendance to soak it in! No bells and whistles here, just straight up, well-constructed electronica. Imagine being dragged into a pleasurable whirlpool, this my friends is “Unsatisfied”.

Pressed by calm house connoisseurs Ad Hoc Records, (home to the likes of Tommy Tickle, Yadava and Nymad) I feel this is the start of a long and healthy relationship between label and artist. Quit twiddling your thumbs and open your ears! Pre-order now.