ALTOSOUNDS & Boek – East To The West [Ad Hoc Records]

ettw circle yellow
Fresh from collaboration with DnB maestro DRS and neo-soul chanteuse EVABEE, Altosounds bring an all-new exotic mystery to lo-fi house on latest track ‘East To The West’. Listen for murmured vocal yearnings woven into conversation between bass and stylised guitar – a cross-cultural soundscape breathing life into every break.

Subscribing to the belief that inspiration strikes when you take a step back, ALTOSOUNDS & Boek are artists of multitudinous influences. In their own words, “life is a series of pressures to be constantly creating – it’s a fact that you can’t force creativity”: and this phenomenological mantra imbues the resulting spacious and richly tapestried music. Flecks of different cultures, altered childhoods and all-new found sounds form music that merits a meditative listening approach. A lifetime of self-reflection, combined with an umbilical connection to far-flung familial roots has kept ALTOSOUNDS & Boek’s eyes and ears open to the reaches of creativity – and the power of music on the mind. Here are artists with their eyes and ears wide open: listing musical influences that range from Bonobo and Little Dragon to Moloko, Gorillaz and even Pink Floyd. Seeing the world from every available angle affords ALTOSOUNDS & Boek the chance to create music that whispers to the soul. Their fascination with sound’s physiological effects on the brain, combined with a drummer’s razorlike focus on the groove – amidst genre-skipping, self-sampling sound design – results in truly unrestricted, uninhibited music.


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