Yadava – Camomile Samba [Ad Hoc Records]

Yadava makes a welcome return to his hometown imprint Ad Hoc Records with the release Velvet House On Sackville Street. His selections have garnered him widespread recognition and respect around the globe, and his original creations are certainly no different. In our interview with the man earlier this February, Yadava says the direction of this EP was heavily inspired by him “experimenting really with mixing live instrumentation and samples from records I was listening to a lot at the time, mainly bossa nova and some jazz-funk sounds.”

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-yadava-camomile-samba” /]

One of the tracks from the record that is clearly influenced by these samba and jazz elements is titled “Camomile Samba.” With a teasingly relaxed intro and hazy Bossa changes, this original unfolds into pure exotic simplicity. Alluring vocals mix with carnival drums and glittering piano licks to tempt you to your feet – before it all fades away as if it were just a dream. Here is a relaxed view of the party, seen at sunset and from a distance.

To get your hands on the rest of this 4-track EP, you can pre-order Velvet House On Sackville Street by following this link right here! It comes out April 29th.

Only a few days until you can luxuriate in the effortless seduction of these choice cuts and transport yourself to a Latin paradise!