DJ ROCCA – The Box Above [Flexi Cuts]

In this electrifying 2024, we’re buzzing with excitement as we celebrate 40 years of Flexi, the record emporium that’s weathered countless storms amidst the ever-shifting tides of the music industry, catering to vinyl aficionados across the ages.

Alongside the raves and swag, no doubt, there’s a killer compilation dropping on the indie label “Flexi Cuts,” dubbed evocatively as “Musica Solida” spread across 3 or perhaps 4 12-inch samplers, boasting a carefully curated selection of singles from cherished Flexi-affiliated artists and producers. The vision? To cultivate a virtuous movement of sublime tunes, echoing the fervor and zeal to persist within the realm of quality that Flexi embodies within the Italian scene, alongside kindred spirits… despite the daunting challenges of the market in recent years.


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