PREMIERE : Elka – broken dub [HTH007]

Elka - broken dub - HTH007

Heart to Heart Records next release, intitled « Deep Intervention », invites us to take a journey into the deeper shades of house music. Since its origin in 2013, Heart to Heart has brought us some of the best the Canadian underground has to offer. This release features 4 titles from Canadian artists D. Tiffany and Elka (soundcloud).

Elka’s first track of the EP titled « Broken Dub » delivers the smooth and soothing vibes we’ve come to love from dub and it’s echoed melodies. Elka’s track contains rich aesthetics, using delays and other effects to make the listener dive deep into the dub mood. No sound is wasted in this one, as everything was ingeneously crafted to create a musical experience harmonious with any underground setting. This one is meant to be enjoyed with lights dimmed to the point of flirting with complete darkness and no inhibitions towards the idea of letting everything go. The bass and the hi hats takes care of your feet. « Broken Dub » is true to the EP’s title, inciting us listeners to undertake some form of introspection and taking us back to our deep inner roots.

Overall, the EP delivers four solid underground bound tracks that requires from its users to provide an appropriate intimate setting in order to enjoy the full experience, though it must be consumed with self -awareness towards addiction. It’s easy to get used (hooked) to the deep.

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