PREMIERE : DJ Windows XP – Sometimes I Feel Sad, Sometimes Happy [Who’s susan]

dj windows xp - who's susan

In a lo-fi world stacked with ‘memey’ DJ names aplenty, the ‘DJ Windows XP’ alias makes for a real contender in being the best of the bunch. The Amsterdam duo burst into the scene only a couple months back, starting off strong with their split with DJ Relationship Goals (another good one) on DJ Haus’ E-Beamz label, which is, of course, home to the DJ Boring genre classic ‘Winona’. Now DJ Windows XP are back with their second EP entitled ‘Sometimes I Feel Sad, Sometimes Happy’, forthcoming on young Netherlands label Who’s Susan.Our premiere today is the EP’s title track, sitting at A3 of the 5-track SUSAN003. ‘Sometimes I Feel Sad, Sometimes Happy’ opens with thick kicks and a brooding acid-techno bass, but the shadowy mood becomes abruptly lifted by a comedic interjection of the unmistakable Windows XP start-up sample, which later goes to build the melodic palate of the 6-minute tune. As the percussion takes a break a calm sentimentalism pervades, via mellow airy chordal synths that echo with celestial rings. In come the familiar raw percussive highs, but before we get too comfortable the duo adds in a chant-like vocal line which recolours the bass kicks as feet stamping to a mysterious ritualistic dance.

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Just as the title suggests, the rest of the EP contains fiery groovers exploring moods from euphoria to melancholy, all expanding on the duo’s self-declared brand of ‘emotional’ house. Despite their light-hearted name and work in a genre traditionally marked by fun tracks with catchy vocals, DJ Windows XP make certain their tunes carry a whole heap of weight. Get your pre-order now!