Match Box – Viggo [Who’s Susan]

match box

Maybe my inner grooves are struck. A moment ago we took a break from reality. That’s when it all began. Candid synths recommend heading to the dancefloor. Hello again, old friend. But that’s not all. Over and over again we are reminded of the genius of house music. Xylophones, modular synthetic madness are all part of the show.

Now read the first letter of all previous sentences and you’ll understand.

This 6-tracked banger is hitting the soundwaves in respectable fashion. Enlightening, magical, soft-spoken, outspoken, understandable, relatable. Howling whistling other-worldy space-shuttle-infused concoctions of rhythm. A classic, well-rounded, full-bodied embodiment of what our bodies must currently be fed: good old, forward-thinking tunes. Out on the 19th, Who’s Susan proudly present Nineteen by the one and only Match Box.

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