PREMIERE : DJ Bong Gozling – Parisian Vacancy

dj bong gozling
Manchester based Natural Sciences is a young record label that has quickly become a go-to for fans of left field sonic frequencies. Equally as comfortable with lush, cosmic sounding chords as they are with brain-melting techno, their releases do still have a general quality that connects them. That quality is an analog rawness that rounds out the edges and contributes to the overall haze apparent in their catalogue thus far. With their sixth release just days away and the seventh already announced, we see no signs of them slowing down soon.

Natural006 comes from Irish newcomer DJ Bong Gozling (soundcloud), who may have one of the coolest names out there, although you may have heard his release earlier this year as Pirac¥ Debt$ on Major Problems (with a lovely DJ Sotofett remix to boot). Anarchy in the House of Sagesse is the name of the sixth EP and we have the exclusive premiere of the A1 track, Parisian Vacancy. An acid bassline, punishing kick and warbled chords drive this late night thumper while the crushed drums power it forward. The sampled male vocals describe a trip on LSD kicking in, making you “lose your fucking mind man” which is exactly what we expect this tune to help do at 5AM in a dark, sweaty warehouse.

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Pre-order Anarchy in the House of Sagesse here.