Dino Soccio – Tough (Edit)

LA-based Chicagoan Dino Soccio is no stranger to the disco/edit game, with grips of nifty free flips available on his soundcloud, and prior releases under Only Children. Dino’s been running a sweet little weekly party by the name of Pleasure of Love in aHollywood basement venue for a few years now, and now the vibe is being translated into a wax label. Pleasure of Love aims to reflect the underground house and disco leanings of the feel-good party, sometimes even venturing into exotic and global territories. We know what you’re thinking–“oh great, another disco edits label”–but if the first release is any sign, Dino is managing to stay on the tasteful, useful and just plain fun end of the spectrum.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-dino-soccio-tough-edit” /]

While the A1 is a high-energy burner, the A2–our premiere from the record–drops the BPMs a bit for a silky summer mood. It’s 80’s postdisco vibes from the get-go, with groovy percussion and chopped vocals providing the intro. The irresistibly summery bassline and keys will steal your heart, as the dubbed-out vocals and extended arrangement accentuate the experience. It’s a properly and respectfully tweaked version of the Lonnie Reaves jam, seeking purely to help DJs provide maximum dancefloor pleasure. On the flip, “Sharpflavor”, enters bouncy electro/pop territory, sitting nicely with the vibe of the lead cut.

POLR001 hits shops sometime this week and is limited to 300 units, so be sure to set that Juno reminder! From what we’ve heard of future drops, this will certainly be an imprint to keep an eye on for the more disco-inclined selector.