deRijk – The Realm [13th Hour Records]

derijk-the-realm 13th hour records
Since establishing themselves as a wax-only powerhouse with their first release back in April, Brooklyn’s 13th Hour Records has been firmly on our radar. 13th Hour Vol.1 gave us a taste of the modern take on classic house we can expect from the imprint and left us thirsty for more. Thankfully, the 13th Hour Crew is back to quench that thirst with a fiery three tracker of raw dancefloor deepness.

13th Hour Vol.2 is the label’s second V/A release, welcoming three emerging artists from three of the world’s most talked-about scenes: Tbilisi’s Hamatsuki, Bristol’s deRijk, and Brooklyn local M. Vaughn. The outcome is a diverse 12” of club ready bombs: music for the 13th hour indeed.

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The track we are premiering today comes from the up-and-coming Bristolian deRijk, whose playful, lo-fi takes on deep house have previously been one of Bandcamp’s best kept secrets. Sitting on the A2, deRijk’s ‘The Realm’ (a nod to Chantal’s 1992 banger) samples the original in a refreshinglyauthentic way, giving the track anthem potential in its own right. The track establishes itself as a heavy hitter right from the outset, with a hearty kick and some sizzling hats. Enter that nostalgic vocal and an uplifting piano melody and we’re transported to a world of 90’s eyes-closed hands-in-the-air mayhem. Pure four-four euphoria.

The 12” is set for release on September 14. Don’t miss out and pre-order a copy from your distributor of choice now.