Alpine DJ – Pepe Nony [Fauve Records]

fauve records
In a utopian lysergic world, music is what unites every soul. Today Fauve Records have the honor to release a prolongation of their “Make ___ Great Again” series with a brand new one revolving around Dream House. Close to Italo Disco, Dream House is a sub-genre of House and Trance music that appeared at the second half of the 90’s in Europe, with labels such as Dance Floor Corporation (DFC) or even ZYX Records.

They’ve asked some of the best in the games to create a very diversified pallet of sub-sub-genres.
 Alpine DJ with a fusion of Italo & Dream House, Mario Moretti with a flying club anthem, Tre Turner’s first official release with a more EBM approach filled with FM percussions, DJ Gear with a Deep Housy take, DJBoeing on a similar genre but with sunshine infused melodies and a catchy riff, Manuel Darquart with a Balearic downtempo acid grasping groove, Romain FX with a fast-paced mellow piano house jam, Val-Air to turn down the mood with a break-beat balearic tune and last but not least, Mangabey closing the compilation with a analog-tape & raw hip-hop infused house track.

If this doesn’t cover the full spectrum of Dream House, then take another acid.

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