De Gama – Star-Buk [Samosa Records]

de gama - samosa records
Fresh from Samosa Records is De Gama‘s new Funktastic EP, a disco and funk groove machine of an EP. Ever since his game changing “Afrika” release back in 2010, De Gama has been turning heads and this new EP shows why he continues to do so. Not only is it filled with fantastic music but it is only the fourth release on his own label, Samosa Records. Continuing his own form, it is also shows a continuing commitment to great music from the new label and is sure to keep everyone watching to see what they do in the future.

The EP opens with “Son Of A Slave”, a deeply grooving and moving throwback to heyday͛s of funk. The multi-layered groove will call to mind the sounds of the 70’s, reimagined in a way thoroughly suited to the modern dancefloor. “1972” follows, a nod to the same era. It opens in a far murkier manner than ͚Son Of A Slave͛ and exudes a far more modern feeling than the opener. Before long, the irresistible African grooves join in and get your head and shoulders swaying and bobbing. Keys join in and plant a firm smile on your face. This is the other side of soul music.

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De Gama closes off the EP with ͚”Star-Buk” and some handheld percussion. Funky guitar follows in before the big synth and kick join in. Where can the groove go next? The bassline answers this question by taking it into outer space. “Funktastic” it does what it says on the tin.