5 Quick Questions With Lokier

Following up on yesterday’s premiere of Lokier & The Machine’s track Stained Glass, we’ve caught up with the Mexican producer who is also known as She Made Monster. We’ve asked her five quick questions in this new feature, which will be a quick way to get to know some of your favourite artists. From their wacky travel stories to music they’re feeling in the moment, tune in to find out more.

  1. What 3 tracks are you listening to right now?
    Heidi Sabertooth- Crack on the D
    Rotterdam Electronix- Drivers License
    Lake Haze- The Nexus Of Man To Man

  2. Best club or party in the world you’ve played at?
    There’s been several I really liked but if I have to choose one right now i’d say “La Kidnapping” party in Paris. It was sweaty and wild.

  3. Best tacos in Mexico City or beyond ?
    I’m sure there are new good places in Mexico since I left but I remember I really liked “El Parnita”. You can easily find good tacos in Mexico, specially the ones that open 24 hours. A drunk late night taco dinner is the best!
  4. Worst travel story while working.?
    I think most bad experiences have been at airports. One day Morgan Hammer and me almost got banned from an airline because we had a fight with one of the attendants. Morgan took a photo of her and she followed us and grabbed the phone and my passport and was shouting. We had to pay an extra fee of 100 euros and then she deleted it from the system so they would charge us again. Luckily I saved the receipt. It was also Morgan’s birthday that day haha. 
    I also got caught in a small tornado once in Mexico while driving to a gig. Trees fell and a truck was rolling around… crazy.

  5.  What’s your worst moment behind the decks?
    Most weird experiences have been with Morgan. One time we were playing and one of the stage lights fell and was hanging inches from my face. Happened twice that night.