Lokier and The Machine – Stained Glass [SPIRITS 01]


Danny McLewin (Psychemagik) and Jamie Cruisey have a new label of original signed artists called SPIRITS. The first release is from Mexican hotness ‘Lokier‘ of She Made Monster and ‘Jason Greer‘ aka ‘The Machine’, one of the Californian undergrounds best kept secrets. They met in 2015 at a festival in London and after spending a few days together, became musically obsessed with each other. That summer, as Jason bounced around Europe, he stayed with Lokier in Barcelona for some weeks and after long night walks, some tapas and absinthe bars they came up with their first EP together.

IVAN SMAGGHE “When your best Mexican chola low-rider meets our favourite Californian mechanic, you get a proper slice of (Lokier and) Machine funk. This is grease electronics, black leather under the very dark sun of ‘Pearly Hate’ or in the bright isolation tank of ‘White Room’”

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/lokier-the-machine-stained-glass” /]
“A1 “White Room’s” slo-mo headnod film score, kick starts the EP, brooding synths buzzing with electric cocaine gloss, their oscillators fluttering like cyborg butterflies around the pulsating strobelight beat. Creepy. A2 “Stained Glass” hits tough straight out the gate with subterranean bubbling acid bass and charges headlong into deep psychedelic territory with a goth-inspired guitar, reverb on 11, turning the track into a next-level robo-Giallo monster! B1 “Pearly Hate” begins as if a menacing swarm of bionic rave bees is slowly surrounding you, the tension of their impending drone amping up steadily as your brain thinks: Do I run? This midtempo Carpenter-esque jam is atmospheric putty in the hands of sleazoned DJ’s and sounds like the beginning of a long, strange trip. B2 “Red Floor” is a chugging, barely restrained dark disco beast, flagrantly wearing its Weatherall and Neu Beat-ing heart on its tattered sleeve, elliptical melodies keeping you from your sanity with a solid drop for the dancefloor – another one for DJ’s who ride it rough.Thus completes the first release for new label SPIRITS. Four tracks exploring another corner of otherworldly analogue hedonism for extra-dimensional travel. Keep your ear on “Red Floor”, as its potential for dancefloor uplift is proven and Machine-ready!

The release is available here! Stay jacked in for more missives soon…