PREMIERE : Yaki Incipient – Cracked [South Street]


South Street is a new record label shrouded in a bit of mystery. The team behind it is staying in the shadows for now as their main intent is to focus on the music that they’re putting out. One thing is for certain though, those involved all have the pedigree and experience as this isn’t their first rodeo. One just needs to look at their inaugural release which featured a stellar EP with four cuts from Californian Urulu to know that these guys aren’t messing around.

The second release on the new imprint is also surrounded by a little secrecy. Yaki Incipient is a new alias from a prominent Dutch house and techno artist, but that’s all we know for now. “Cracked” EP features two disco house cuts that are made strictly for the dance floor.

Our premiere is the title track and the A1. Featuring a no nonsense house beat with crisp, punchy drums this one is indeed destined for some footwork. A twirly disco loop is slowly filtered in and is the euphonious hook for the remainder of the tune. The sample is filtered throughout the rest of the track revealing a high string line and a subby cycling bass while the drums evolve around it. Oftentimes simplicity is key and that is the case here, creating a DJ tool that is bound to burn some calories.

This one has already garnered early support from the likes of Frits Wentink, Malin Genie and WOLF Music so don’t miss out and get your pre-orders in!

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