PREMIERE : XXXY – Get On It [Cedric]

cedric 02 - XXXY

Get on your dancing shoes and prepare that credit card! Berlin-based xxxy (soundcloud) is next in line for that white-label you just have to have. Composed of three tracks, the EP sees the Ten Thousand Yen regular dive deep into classic disco edits and house music for our pleasure. Three excellent DJ tools for your local Saturday banter.

The first two tracks, Fleeting Moment and Takin the Easy Way Out use the old recipe of looping a 70’s record and add punchy drums to the mix. The first one is particularly bass heavy while the second goes on a more melodic and euphoria-filled path. They’re the kind of tracks that reinforce our belief that you can make excellent music with a 4 bar loop and some variation in your drum patterns. You just gotta find the right sample and up the tempo!

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The last track of the bunch, Get On It, is the one we premiere today. The German producer breaks apart with the rest of the release to gives us a pumping piano house track. Although it is very simple, it’s also very effective and will leave you helpless on the dancefloor. The structure of the song keeps on giving throughout the entirety of the tune and we found ourselves wishing it would never stop. With moments of dubbed-out bliss where you’ll lose yourself in the soft delay glitter until the kick comes back and puts you in an irresistible groove.

Convinced ? You can already preorder the record and hope it gets in the mail before your next gig.

. Elias