PREMIERE : Will Gates – Untitled 2 [Whyte Numbers]

A mysterious new figure from Tbilisi, Georgia by the name of Will Gates (soundcloud) is the latest to release an EP on Blaq Numbers vinyl-only sub-label Whyte Numbers. The German imprint is still relatively young but has seen success with EPs from the likes of Interstate, Matthias Fiedler & Carlo and a small host of artists on their various artist releases. Moody chords and jackin’ beats are a staple of this label’s no frills approach, with music curated straight for the dance floor. If you’re already familiar with them then you’ll know by now that they have a small tradition of giving away their test pressings. If not, follow them on Facebook and try your luck as the tradition is sure to continue for future releases.

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Our premiere from the five track Will Gates “TBS” EP, dedicated to and deriving its name from his hometown is the A1 and the track is ‘Untitled 2‘. Slightly dissonant chords and a pounding kick get us underway while a shuffling hat sets the pace. A rumbling bass line clearly made for a club system tucks in beneath the groove while sampled high pitched vocals add a quirky element to this otherwise no nonsense cut. The untitled track is functional and serves a distinct purpose which is to get those feet moving, perhaps not at peak time but in preparation for a long night ahead. You’ll find the rest of the EP to have a coherent, dance floor ready sound, with plenty of jazzy and hip-hop influenced samples to go about and included is a Lootbeg remix of the acid-tinged title track.

The release is limited to only 300 hand stamped copies and you can get your pre-orders directly from the label on their Bandcamp page.