Westcoast Goddess – Truth Rainbow (Bootleg Mix) [Penelope]

With the debut release on new label Penelope, Westcoast Goddess brings you a scintillatingly choppy 3 track EP titled Truth Rainbow that makes you want to get up and GET IT!

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-westcoast-goddess-truth-rainbow-bootleg-mix” /]

Westcoast Goddess is a new alias of a Berlin-based producer, previously releasing on labels like 100% Silk, Omena, Heart To Heart and Peach Discs as Videopath. Under this new alias, he will be exploring upfront, soulful and classic house sounds through a spiritual lens with early support coming in from Tensnake, Shanti Celeste and Marquis Hawkes.

For today’s premiere, we’re sharing an exclusive from the Goddess himself! As noted earlier, officially, this record only contains 3 tracks. However, the BB crew got our hands on a bootleg of the title track and wanted the DJs out there know that there’s a slightly more uptempo version of the original. Enjoy!

Truth Rainbow is out now and can be purchased by following this link right here!