Westcoast Goddess – Seabreeze [Mango]

mango 002 A side

Once upon a time, far away in the lands of the furthest west known to mankind, a Goddess sits all alone in their humble dwelling surrounded by the dustiest, mouldiest of old analog music making technology.

You may ask “How do we know such individual be but a Goddess?” Well, each bleep and bloop heard from their habitat could have only come from the greatest of heavens above. DUH!

The mysterious visionary that be the Westcoast Goddess brings forth 3 sublime house tracks to lift you out of the sludge that we now know as modern life. Released via Bill Mango’s rather fresh imprint Mango, cast upon a limited number of Holy 12 inch wax discs lays music that oozes droplets of nostalgia from years yonder, when we could actually lick each others armpits without fear of great illness occurring.

If 3 house tunes from an actual Goddess is not enough, don’t sweat. Mango HQ is one step ahead of you, deploying the illusive hero of all hedonists to add something loud and abrasive to the equation.
Roy of the Ravers delivers a hard hitting, adrenaline pumping remix of main stay Seabreeze for all you techno loving freaks.

No doubt this record has something for every respectable disc jockeying veteran to pump to the masses… or perhaps just in their bedrooms.


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