Varum – Break & Enter pt.3 [Little Beat Different]

Evidence Found No​.​1 is an Anniversary compilation curated by the London Based label Little Beat Different. Featuring the likes of “Dempa” and “Regular Customer” as well as some found favorites, this compilation is driven by a powerful roster. One of the most notable tracks, “Break & Enter III” by Varum (soundcloud), exhibits a particularly authentic tone. Hailing from Leipzig, Germany, Varum has crafted a unique sound; blurring the lines between lo-fi house and techno.

[soundcloud url=”″ /] The first noticeable thing about “Break & Enter III” is its organic textures and raw aesthetic. Varumʼs dark and gritty formula fuses a tight breakbeat pattern with lush and spacious pads, which creates an oddly nostalgic atmosphere. The 7- minute track meshes multiple motifs, each section carrying a slight variation of the main melody, which reads as somewhat of mini-mix. Aside from the songs structure, the production is top notch. The breakbeatʼs muted Hi hats and snares provide a stark and clever contrast to the glistening synths. “Break & Enter III” is a breath of fresh air when compared to todays polished EDM tracks, and will provide the perfect, fierce, crescendo for a set-closing track.