P.92 – Peace Love XTC [Eternal Love]

P.92 shows relentless commitment to his music and has produced an album that moves and breathes along with its audience. Entrancing and provocative, Sage transports you to your own version of euphoria while building a collective ecstasy between people and the space around us. P.92 displays a powerful level of skill and natural ability in his album Sage and has delivered an album that is an addictive, technicolor exploration to the limits of our own utopia.

Peace Love XTC is an adrenaline drenched exploration of three powerful emotions and the spectrum they reside on. Residing in the middle of an emotional venn diagram, the track threatens to collapse with pounding drums and weighty bass pushing you forward before engulfing them in fervour and euphoria. The musical forces compete for the same space with powerful knocks and threatening strength but ultimately end up keeping the track from complete breakdown. Fluid and intoxicating, Peace Love XTC is a powerhouse track that commands its audience to live by instinct.


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