UNSIGNED 007 : Joe Morris – Smoke & Mirrors

Despite the thought that established producers get all of their material snatched up by labels in a heartbeat, the actual reality is that everyone makes music that sometimes can’t find a home right away. We recently featured an unsigned track from a fairly prominent name in Tooli and today we’ve got another one for you from Joe Morris of Clandestino.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/unsigned-007-joe-morris-smoke-mirrors/” /]

Here’s what Joe had to say about the track:
Hey folks. I’ve been making music for around 10 years now and released on a bunch of nice labels. I also co-run the Clandestino label and party collective here in Leeds, UK.

So this track was one of two new things I wrote with a more house / club feel. I wanted to write some club friendly tracks after having a bunch of downtempo things out recently. I was hoping to keep the two tracks together but the other one got picked up so I thought it would be interesting to send to Bolting Bits and see if it gets the attention of any labels I’ve not worked with before. The track kicks off with some dreamy pads, a vibe I’m always drawn to. The drums are in a kinda classic Detroit house style, with a warm chord sequence throughout. For decoration I played some atmospheric keys from the Korg M1 and I’ve included an old hardcore / jungle sample during the breakdown. A de rigueur thing to do right now on house tracks so shoot me for being a vapid bandwagon jumper if you will but hey, it works. The main synth hook was a kind of happy accident. I loaded up Massive on my Kontrol workstation and played in a part that luckily just worked the first time so I kept it in there. Finally I added a touch of grainy white noise to sit underneath for a bit of texture. The whole track came together in a few hours which is super rare for me. Anyway thanks for listening, hope you like x