PREMIERE : Unknown Mobile – Four Sided Pebble [Young Adults]

Los Angeles-based Young Adults have been around for a little over five years. In those five years they’ve managed to release twelve records, averaging just over two per trip around the sun. Now that doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s a testament to their meticulous A&R skills and their impeccably crafted sonic identity which can only be described as inherently West Coast, mixing balearic tinges with disco-inspired flavours. Their last two releases come in quick succession, with Richu M‘s lovely Donor Goes To Hawaii EP out just last month and the upcoming Mixed Use EP from Unknown Mobile scheduled to be out in a couple of weeks.

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Unknown Mobile (soundcloud) aka DJ Leaves aka Levi Bruce is also one half of Montréal-based label, radio, events and distribution collective Summer Cool Music. Levi is another product of the burgeoning Vancouver scene that’s been on the rise for a number of years now and has had releases on local label ASL Singles Club and his own Summer Cool. His productions are hazy, hardware jams which fall under the umbrella of what’s been heralded by some as the ‘Vancouver sound’. This sound crosses over perfectly with the personality of Young Adults and it’s no surprise that the match was made.

Today we’re premiering the A1 off of Unknown Mobile’s forthcoming release and the track is entitled Four Sided Pebble. An infectious bass line opens this number and the sultry chords that follow help whisk us away to a breezy summer evening on the beach. The groove evolves with various percussion dancing around the bass until some gentle keys and strings instill a sense of calm, the wind temporarily dying down and as if on cue, we hear the gentle rolling waves come in. The calm doesn’t last long though and all the elements combine in the climax, forming a boisterous and yet serene medley.