Maara – Climate Of Clop

Re:Conceive 2 is a fundraising compilation of cutting-edge electronic music from artists based in, and orbiting around Montréal. It will activate its broad stylistic range into social action by donating all net profits to The Native Women’s Shelter of Montréal and Just Solutions, a pro bono refugee legal clinic. Contributing artists range from world-renowned to best-kept secrets. Opening with an orchestral bang, a long and hot fire of tracks 2–17 then burns out into the steam of tracks 18–23, before being capped by a chapter of amorphous and watery sound baths. The dance floor is almost always present: at times practically; at times abstracted and imagined; at other times very, very far away. The through line of the album is that of Montréal, where we lay our scene. It is the sound of this time, in this place.
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Re:Conceive is a music and social initiative which releases compilation albums. The goals are twofold: to present high calibre electronic music from Montréal, and use the proceeds of its sale to support vital social initiatives. Curated more along zonal lines than aesthetic ones, each edition attempts to highlight a selection of the city’s movers and shakers in electronic music. The first edition raised over $1,300 and received support from Resident Advisor, Bandcamp editorial, Mes enceintes font défaut, Music Is My Sanctuary, Exclaim! and Also Cool Mag.

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