Unknown Artist – Liwando (Jacques Renault BK Club Version [Let’s Play House]

New York staple, Let’s Play House, seemingly releases a record every week. And every single one, is pretty much fire. How do they do it? Must be something in the water out here in Brooklyn. For their 19th white label release, LPH gears up to drop a couple of disco house smashers. There’s even some acid in there to boot! This is pure summertime fun ladies and gentleman. A taste of rave culture with a touch of disco fervor.[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/unknown-artist-liwando-jacques-renault-bk-club-version/” /]
LPH label head Jacques Renault is a seasoned producer that’s been known to strike a spark or two on the dancefloor. His “BK Club Version” of Liwando is exactly that, a fire starter. The original version feels much more disco, and while Jacques retains many of its best elements, he quiets the congas and adds more of a house touch to his remix. In the best of ways, the club version is heavier, giving proper shine to the joyous M1 riff that never seems to end. This tune is a real floor finisher. Try not to feel f***in’ amazing when you listen to this. I’m writing this at 9:30am and I’m too fired up. I’d karate kick my way through a weak fence right now. Watch out Brooklyn, Jacques let me outta my cage this morning. Let’s Play House white label numero 19 is available now via all trusty online retailers. If you’re in NYC, you’ll definitely find it in local shops. Get out there and grab these guaranteed fire starters.