Universo – When Time Stopped [Breathing Room Records]

We’re stoked to shed light on the birth of a new label out of Southern Ontario, Canada, founded by one of Bolting Bits’ core members, Igor B, called Breathing Room Records. “Spheres” is the title of a diverse set of four tracks by Polish musician Universo, and is set for a November 16th release.

From what the label boss told us, the EP sets the perfect precedent for what the imprint aims to produce: percussion-driven, musically expansive (that is, beyond a predictable set of dancefloor tracks) records with vivid artwork on the A and B sides to match. For our premiere, we got our hands on perhaps the most energetic of the four cuts, When Time Stopped.

Sometimes music jumps out as just that extra bit more memorable or captivating because of one or two especially interesting elements. This seven-and-a-half minutes piece is just an example of such. If you listened before reading this, you might well have guessed what we’re talking about: the bassline.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-universo-when-time-stopped” /]
The A2 cut opens with a minute of warm-up rhythms before the bassline jumps assertively into the spotlight and stays there for almost the rest of the track. Mixed with intricate incline and decline of pads and percussion – and a tropical marimba riff entering at about the halfway mark – the song would make the perfect backing track for spontaneously driving somewhere very specific, and very far away.

The A1 track is held up with a similar driving energy, but the flip side – particularly the more ambient feel of B2 – gives this record an extra stylistic dimension that is often the hallmark of high quality musicianship.

Keep an eye and ear out in future for more records, currently in the works, on BRR. Until then, an imminent vinyl and subsequent digital release of BRR001 should see you through. Pre-order via deejay.de or Redeye.