Tropica – Monstera Deliciosa (Ciel’s One Shot Remix) [Breathing Room Records]

Canadian label Breathing Room Records is back with their third digital release after a lengthy pandemic-related hiatus. A little over two years after their previous outing, they are happy to introduce Tropica, a duo from Newcastle, UK. Forest Floor is their debut EP and it includes three original tracks as well as a remix from Toronto-based producer and DJ, Ciel. This is the first remix in Breathing Room’s catalogue.

All three originals are slow and chuggy. Monstera Deliciosa, the opening track, is driven by warm chords and a wobbly synth line while a siren-esque pad weaves in and out. Birds of Paradise continues on a similar wavelength but dives a little further into acid territory with its lead and stays true to its name with different birds contributing to the overall ambience. Devil’s Ivy is a little darker in tone with it’s delayed pads, a didgeridoo and haunting scream-like samples permeating throughout. Ciel’s take on Monstera Deliciosa stays true to the original but introduces a juxtaposing, almost playful lead and tougher percussion, giving the track a faster, bouncier feel.


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