PREMIERE : Trudge – Last Night She Left The Ground [Lost Palms]

Although I cannot speak for all the writers at Boltings Bits, I must say, Parisian producer Trudge holds a place near and dear to my heart. In fact, I would say his early releases on labels like Shall Not Fade and Of Paradise are primarily responsible for igniting my recent obsession with the Lo-Fi genre. If I had to pinpoint the specific track that lured me in like a moth, I would give the credit to his tune “Give,” which puts on a masterclass on how artists can bring about powerful emotions through simplest of tools.

This formula of using forceful, yet simplistic Lo-Fi instrumentation in combination with moving vocal samples is something Trudge has perfected, and it’s on full display in his latest record “Negative Spaces.” This EP is set to be released by Shall Not Fade’s influential sister label Lost Palms, who are the UK taste-makers that have brought us projects from the likes of Baltra, Anthony Fade, DJ Boring, Earth Trax, and X-Coast.

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The A1 from the release titled Last Night She Left The Ground, starts out with a hectic assortment of drums, bass, and hi-hats but gradually begins blending in an array of dreamy synths and pads to give the song a lighter, more elated feel than what it’s opening moments might signify. After the build-up, Trudge elects to break the tension by introducing muddled, female vocals that increase the moodiness of the tune. When all these elements are taken in together, they act to create an atmosphere that is touching, but vague in nature. For instance, who is this girl speaking? What does she want? Is she in need of help? I think these questions that the song conjures up are done intentionally and are meant to have the listener answer them depending on the mood they are in when they’re listening. This makes “Last Night She Left The Ground” a tune that can be utilized for many occasions; whether that be moments of pure euphoria on a dancefloor or solemn periods of self-reflection in front of your laptop. 

To figure what you’ll be using this song for, along with the other three tracks it’s paired with, make sure to get yourself a copy of “Negative Spaces” by clicking this link right here!