Top Mutek Performances to catch this Summer

MUTEK 2019 Top performances

It’s that time of the year again. The best time of the year. Mutek Festival 2019 is coming up very soon and we’re so excited! Mutek is a consistent leader when it comes to expertly programming a lineup at the edge of contemporary art and music. A long list of stellar artists awaits you and we want to make sure you don’t miss anything important! Here’s our top picks of performances to catch this Summer!

Priori / Dust-e-1 / Project Pablo (CA)



project pablo

Each one of them have their own separate performances, but the last 2 years have been really good to these guys. Not only have they been releasing stellar Solo EPs, but they elevate each other to another degree with their collaborations.
Dust-e-1 (Alex Sheaf) and Priori (Francis Latreille) work together under the name ANF, while Priori and Project Pablo (Patrick Holland) work together to form Jump Source. Even though they have distinct, individual sounds, since these guys work so closely together, we might as well bundle them together. They all have their own separate performances and we recommend that you catch each one of them.

D. Tiffany (CA)

d tiffany

Head of the Planet Euphorique label, we’re so happy Sophie Sweetland moved from Vancouver to set up base here in Montreal! She’s explored and excelled in a few different genres, if we could put a few together into one word: ambient-experimental-dreamy-beakbeat-electro. Ok that’s more than a few, but our point is that she’s sort of part of movement out there, reviving breakbeat / electro and infusing it with a bit of a dreamy/ambient touch and sharp contemporary IDM sounds. Unsurprising when you see the people in her network, such as Roza Terenzi and Reptant, both at the forefront (in our personal opinion) of the new electro / acid breakbeat sounds being made out there. Be sure to check out her 2017 track called How RU Plush ft. Regularfantasy, which was a breakout success (and a personal fav of mine).

Blawan (UK)


Jamie Roberts will blow you away with his industrial warehouse techno. Bring your most comfortable sneakers and please for the love of god, bring proper ear protection. Blawan? More like All-Night-Heavy-Bangers-lawan.

Huerco S (US)

huerco s

I had the chance to witness Brian Leeds do an intimate New Years Eve DJ set in some random apartment which was converted into a DIY venue for the night (this was in 2017). I just have to say that the only thing I remember coming out of there was — best night ever. A pioneer of “outsider” house music, he avoids the usual polished sound productions to deliver something more grounded and organic through his use of low- end equipment. P.S. – One of his albums is on the Pitchfork’s 50 Best Ambient Albums Of All Time list…

Monolake (DE)


Mutek’s opening night invites you to immerse yourself into the PY1’s pyramid space where we’ll be graced with Robert Henke’s lush sound design: “Utopian quantum and textured-dub techno”. Oh and by the way, did you know he’s the co-creator Ableton Live? Think about that for a minute. Visual spectacles to be provided by Diagraf.

Call Super (UK)

call super

Joseph Richmond-Seaton is our favourite kind of DJ, expertly blending different genres while keeping a cohesive theme. From dreamy sounds complimenting deep rhyhmic dubs, to groovy deep house, to banging techno, to left field IDM — a true taste-maker.

Aquaventure (CA/QC)


Aqua who? You’re going to thank me for introducing you to this hidden gem. After seeing one of his performances live, Sammy Halimi’s work can be described as a powerful hypnotic exploration of deep rhythmic patterns with a dream-pop influence and murmurs of an oceanic scene. We used the word “powerful” here, because of how he’s able to build a lush soundscape which really pulls you in, just like an engaging narrative. This probably stems from his background in cinema and passion for it. Aqua who? An aquatic adventure into the abyss? Of one’s soul? Maybe? We hope he approves of this description…

Deena Abdelwahed (TU)

Deena Abdelwahed

Want to hear something different? Politically charged arab-infused techno is sure to change it up for you. There’s literally no better way to sell her than this description of her style, found on Mutek’s online profile of her: “The sound of futuristic weaponry being disassembled, ideologically loaded eastern deconstructions of bass, ambient and techno” — Woah.

Beta Librae (US)

beta librae

Kansas Native, Brooklyn Based, Bailey Hoffman will propel you into the stars through her heavy dubs and flickering percussive rhythms, while wrapping it all with a soothing cosmic atmosphere. Check out her breakout track Bangs_Dub from her 1080p released Swope Park (2015).

Octave One (US)

octave one

With a discography spanning over almost 20 years, Lenny Burden and Lawrence Burden, siblings, form a legendary techno group. Part of the second generation of artists emerging from the 90’s Detroit techno scene, it is quite amazing to see two veterans of the genre, still having so much energy and fun while performing their live sets.

Curated by Ash G.