PREMIERE : The Last Welfare Record Pt. 2 – Walkin & Stalkin [Planet Sundae]

Planet Sundae (soundcloud).
1) Noun. The intergalactic state of being on the second day of the weekend.
See also: That dreaded feeling of having to go back to work on Monday.

2) Record label. Established 2016. Releases from the likes of Al Kassian, Opal Sunn and the mysterious edits entitled “The Last Welfare Record“.
File under: Maybe it should have been titled “The Second-to-Last Welfare Record“.

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The surreptitious edits series is back with five anonymous jazzy cuts hailing all the way from Japan. A DJ-friendly, vinyl-only affair (as always), it includes five cuts and a Carl Sagan DJ tool. The first instalment of The Last Welfare Record sold like hotcakes and recently got a repress, so if you haven’t got this in demand record you should still be able to find it at some of the usual haunts. Big shoes are needed to filled if the second segment is to live up to its predecessor’s success but we’re confident you won’t be found wanting.

Our premiere today is the A2 from the record. ‘Walkin & Stalkin‘, an edit of a 1977 Benny Golson track by the same name takes the original and does what edits tend to do best. Using some of the ideal bits of the source material including the walking bass line, chords and Golson’s unmistakable tenor saxophone solos, our unknown Japanese revisers add just enough flavour to make this already spicy dish that much zestier. This one is best served with a side of milk to help soothe the burn.

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