Tjor – Turbo Lover [Wrong Era]

Brazilian artist Tjor makes a momentous debut on Wrong Era with his EP ‘Turbo Lover’. Bringing his energetic percussion and fizzing synth arps to a new realm in the title track, a solid tone is set from the start. Tjor’s intelligent fusion of EBM and New Beat can be heard in the dark, stormy ‘The Run’ amongst ghostly, rhythmic vocals.

‘Eternal affair’ blends Italo Disco’s arpeggios with hints of the glistening flare of west coast electro. Vocals and synth lines combine to create an atmosphere that perfectly matches the track’s title. The rising brilliance of ‘Midnight’ keeps in line with the EP’s forward-thinking energy with infectious Hi-RG synth stabs and driving low-end. ‘Corsa Romantica’ swells you into an elusive dusk setting with a powerful, swirling melody that ties the faultless elements together. Turbo Lover is a fitting title for an EP that shifts things into the next gear.’

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