Arnaud Is Dancing – Plasma Mission (Shawn Cartier & Comic Book Guy Remix) [Red Room Recordings]

During the winter period of 2022, Arnaud is Dancing composed 3 tracks which has culminated in Plasma Mission, transcribing the emotionally charged and turbulent experience that is post covid clubs. Inspired by a night out in a Local Nantes Club Macadam, where time seems to simply evaporate, these tracks fuse feelings of nostalgia coupled with zealous energy.

Between heavily programmed basslines and discrete acid leads, Arnaud’s 3 tracks are impassioned, zesty & bouncy, morphing into ecstatic and fiery d-floor bangers.

To round out the EP, we are rapt to have Melbourne/Naarm based Homelander contribute a dark psy-infused twist on Arnaud’s ‘Signal Racer’ & an upbeat modern trance take on Arnaud’s title track ‘Plasma Mission’ remixed by UK based Shawn Cartier & Comic Book Guy.

Preorder now and get Arnaud’s title track ‘Plasma Mission’ and as a special treat, Homelander’s ‘Signal Racer’ remix.


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