Timothy Clerkin – Order 66 [Insult To Injury]

Timothy Clerkin - Order 66
If you’re an electronic music fan the chances are you’ve heard of The Ransom Note. An online music, arts and culture magazine based out of London at the very forefront of online music communities. 2018 saw birth to a collaborative label between The Ransome Note and Timothy Clerkin in the form of Insult To Injury, with the likes of Rico Cassaza, Dark Circles and Buran in particular releasing some exceptional EP’s on the platform.

Timothy himself has previously graced the label with several of his own releases and ITI#016 continues in that fashion with his Plasticity EP. Analog rich and pumped with nostalgia, the release explores the timeless sounds of the 90’s through warm analog synthesis, iconic driving drums and the squelch of indistinguishable acieeeeed. The opening title track, Plasticity, sets the tone for things to come and eases the listener gently into the soundscape. The second track, Would?, is a collaboration with Buran which was interestingly enough was produced remotely during the lockdown. That fact is the only thing relating this thumper to modern day as a hefty dose of 909 and 303 give essence of a time 30 years ago.

Bravo to Buran and Timothy on an amazing reinterpretation of the 90’s Classic ‘Alice In Chains’, with all proceeds of this single donated to the amazing charity, Mind UK. Closing off the release is a chunk of Hardcore bliss, Order 66. Expect disorder on dancefloors, more so as we begin to see the world slowly open back up once again. Breaks, orchestral stabs and a hefty kick drum… need we say anymore? A true tribute to the greatest decade of music, for dance use only!


Adam R.