Type-303 – Thousand Pieces (Gnork Remix) [Insult To Injury]

Type-303’s breakthrough The New Ravelution EP (released at the end of 2018) was a sonic slap around the chops, throwing a cavalcade of 90’s hardcore & rave samples into the mix, along with a healthy dash of unrelenting Acid. All four slabs of warehouse business were absolutely ripe for the remixing.

This is exactly what lads Timothy Clerkin & The Ransom Note from Insult To Injury felt when the Amsterdam-based imprint came out with the record last year. Fortunately, the label heads have decided to act on this hunch and have chosen to follow up that release with a jam-packed remix EP that features new versions from Thomas Banks, Shun, and Timothy Clerkin himself. However, this all-out Acid affair would not be complete without the one and only Gnork, the Hungarian wizard who has a strong love for chords and bouncy beats.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-type-303-thousand-pieces-gnork-remix” /]

Today, we are sharing Gnork’s take on Type-303’s Thousand Pieces. Finding inspiration in 80’s Electro, Gnork manages to fuse the original with modern elements of unadulterated Acid House that leave it almost unrecognizable. Although this remix does not have as many moving parts as Type-303’s version, Gnork is able to do less with more and still pack quite the punch. Listeners be warned, this chune will have you furiously robot-dancing around the room in no time!

To get your hands on this and the rest of the EP, make sure to pre-order your copy here. The release is set to come out on March 22nd!