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Mr Sunshine. - max spf

HOMAGE goes from “out here” to “really out here” with their sixth release from Mr. Sunshine, a brand new duo from London artists Danvers and Luke Campion. Just like sunshine, this combo pack of techy rollers and UK bass really lights up the dance floor. Starting strong with “U Don’t Know Me,” Mr. Sunshine aim straight for the dome with a heaving house bomb that might blow up your summer. A cut deeper than the rest, “My Knife” is a slice of UK bass with speaker rattling capability for peaking crowds. Rounding out the project is “God Chord” a breaks influenced bass track equipped with cheeky vocals and a stuttering acid line. Bringing everything full circle is NYC treasure and rising star, Justin Cudmore, who’s flipped the standout “U Don’t Know Me” into an equally massive club weapon. Folks get down in the sunshine!


Thanks for using some time to chat with us! So… what’s been going on? Run us through your 2019. What did Mr. Sunshine get up to, musically or otherwise?

2019 is the year that we release our debut EP – MAX SPF on the New York label: ‘Homage’. This project has been a labour of love for us both since we moved into the same flat in East London 5 years ago. We both have lots of other things on the go but Mr. Sunshine has been our shared project where we get to go as heavy as we want. It’s been our opportunity to let loose in the studio.

Tells us about some of your plans for Mr. Sunshine, hopes and fears (if applicable!) for the rest of the year?
We plan to take our time and only release stuff when we know it’s going to go hard on the dancefloor. Mr. Sunshine tracks have been our go-to end-of-night weapons for the last few years and we like to test them out in the real world before releasing them, which takes time.

Take us back to the start of the duo. How did you come together?
We used to DJ together when we lived in Bristol. We were both on the Just Jack agency and we properly met when we were playing at Motion supporting Tiger & Woods. It was that night that we really got to appreciate each other’s styles and tune selection. About 2 years later we moved in together in London and have been producing (and partying) together ever since.

How did you get together with the label?
Well we heard the Kettama – Body release and were totally blown away. That really put Homage on the map for us since their vibe is super heavy, yet really grooving and playful. That’s exactly the Mr. Sunshine vibe. It wasn’t long before we were in touch and sharing demos with them. The result of that is the MAX SPF EP.


Tell us something you think is important about how this EP?
We were trying to create something that was different to whatever else was out there. We love the jungle and rave revival that’s happening, but also find that sometimes those tunes can lack the satisfaction of a nice, chunky, four-to-the-floor groove. So we wanted to bring these elements together.

Was there something unique about the writing / recording processes?
This EP is also the result of hundreds of hours in the studio and a looooong list of ideas that never made the cut. We’re glad that we took our time to wait until we were really happy with it and the reception so far has been excellent.

Was anything done in a particularly experimental way?

Nothing too experimental in the production of this. We have a studio which is also rented out to lots of other musicians and everyone lets everyone else use their equipment. This gave us access to a lot of different synths which made the recording process extremely fun.

Tell us about the title Max SPF?
What else would you call the EP?

Shifting more into your musical direction now: where do you think your taste is going? Does it tend to change or ebb and flow quite often?

Our tastes to evolve over time, but at the same time we have a very clear direction for Mr. Sunshine. So, while our music will take on different flavours and styles, Sunshine will always be for the dancefloor.

Link us three new tunes you’re into at the moment.
1. Leibniz – 2 Simple:

2. Larry de Kat – You heard That Right:

3. Ron Obvious – The Highest Level:

And an old one that’s stuck with you for a long time.
Kris Wadsworth is one of our all time favourite producers. He’s the producer that really brought us together and inspired us to do the Mr. Sunshine project. Big love to you Kris!

His all time greatest track, the B-side off his self-released 333 EP:

And finally, would you rather be able to speak ten languages of your choice fluently, or play every instrument you touch at a masterly level?
Kind of an obvious one really – we’d want to play all instruments at a masterly level. Imagine all the possibilities.

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