Chevals – Persiennes [Homage]

NY label HOMAGE is forever flipping the script, whether it’s raucous techno and experimental sounds from their founder Ryan Clover, ambient soundscapes from Myles Avery, or acidic goodness from Aldonna, they live and die by the label’s tagline that ‘the limit does not exist.’ Now it’s Parisian DJ & producer Cheval’s time to turn the tides once again, following up from his first EP on HOMAGE back in 2018; with his six-track exploration ‘The House By The Sea’.

‘EuroMadness’ undocks and sets sail across the Mediterranean bridging uplifting and curious melodies coupled with peak-time euphoria and 90s nostalgia. ‘Persiennes’ brings with it a rush of emotions and transports us back to our youth, where the life-changing melodies of trance music’s origins could be heard piercing through our speakers. ‘Strummers’ then brings forth images of rolling hills and pale blue skies as we move closer to shore, before ‘Breeze’ enters the fray with its Balearic-infused warmth. The EPs penultimate track ‘Sunsets’ energy is infectious, with chunky kick drums and ear-wiggling hooks pushing the energy levels higher as day turns to night. ‘Astra’ then finishes off the release with an expansive look outward as we gaze over the reflective blue surface of the ocean city.

House By The Sea‘ will be available to purchase digitally on July 21st.
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