Times & Tunes with Matthieu Faubourg

matthieu faubourg

French producer Matthieu Faubourg is a name you may have heard. He was recently involved on the ‘Fair EP’ on STRCTR Records –  a compilation that included Dubstriker, Harrison BDP and MonooZ. We talk to him ahead of his release in November  ‘Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication’- An album on Japanese label – Jazzy Couscous.


Tell us where you’re from?
I was born in Lagny-Sur-Marne, a Parisian suburb, where I spent the first 6 years of my life, then moved to Burgundy with my mother and brother. After I graduated, I’ve been living in Zürich, Hamburg, Barcelona and Vienna.

What made you first start to DJ?
Nothing in particular actually. I’ve been working 3 years at Jimdo in Hamburg, where I started going clubbing and get more into electronic music. DJing was never a goal in my life, it just kinda naturally happened, can’t really explain why!

Who were your first big musical influences?
I started basically by digging into my mom’s CDs and tapes collection. Was mostly alternative rock music. Also, I don’t know much about my father, and he passed away last year, but I know he was passionate about rock music too. My grandparents are big fans of classical music, and this has had a big influence on me too.

I then had my Daft Punk and Digitalism period. When I was living in Zürich, my girlfriend from back then took me for my birthday to a Digitalism gig in Basel, on a boat. That was totally incredible.

To be honest, I think I listen more to rock (in all genres) than to electronic music. There was a point in my life where I couldn’t stop listening to Kings of Convenience and Real Estate. And I still do. Oh, and Mac DeMarco.. this guy’s music changed my life forever. I’m really happy that Spotify exists because it made me discover so many little rock bands!

When was your first gig and how did you get it?
Was a small friends’ open air in Hamburg, in the docks. It was organised by one of my Jimdo colleagues.

Where do you tend to play now?
I’ve played in 17 countries so far I guess, or 18. Mostly in Europe, even though it happened that I went overseas, including Lebanon, Canada, Georgia.

Tell us about your record collection?
I’m not a big vinyl collector. I mean, it’s cool and if there’s a record I really like, eventually I’d buy it, but I don’t have the need to have vinyl at home.

I started buying records in Hamburg, in Schanze where I was living, and in St. Pauli. Funny thing is that I remember going to Smallville with my friend Olivier, and the Smallpeople guys where there, super friendly, giving us some beers; back in the day I had no clue what was waiting for me!

matthieu faubourg

Where do you like to buy records?
Like I said, I don’t buy much. Really depends, if there’s something cool or not.

Give us your top 3 records that never leave you record bag?



Who is your biggest inspiration in life?
The things I went through in my life, I guess.

Who is your biggest inspiration musically
Honestly, no one!

How did you get to know the Jazzy Couscous guys?
This was in 2017 for a track on a VA!

What other labels have you released music on?
Strctr Records (another EP will be announced soon, with two big remixes), Neovinyl, Imported (coming soon), Pulse Msc, Metro Beirut, House of Unity, W&O Street Tracks.

Why did you call it Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication?
The title says it all! I like simple things, simple joys of life.

Byron The Aquarius is really doing it right now. Tell us about your choice of remixer?
Byron is passionate about music, I dig this! I like the spectrum of his music, his influences. I was (positively) surprised that he actually replied to me! Super happy because we have had great feedback on the remix so far.

What do you have coming up next release wise?
An EP on Strctr Records with two great remixes, one from Frits Wentink and another one from…..suprise! And another top secret EP, but I’m legally not allowed to talk about it at the moment.

What’s on the horizon for Matthieu Faubourg?
I’d love to start another project in parallel, more down tempo, a bit like Homeshake.