Matthieu Faubourg ‘Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication’ [Jazzy Couscous records]

French producer Matthieu Faubourg’s assured, melodic take on the deep house template has appeared on labels like Sure Cuts, Neo Vinyl and W&O Street Tracks, and the subtle melodic charms of his 2017 ‘Please, Stay’ from the 4 track ‘Fair’ compilation EP on STRCTR records has currently notched up 3.5 million views on YouTube.Matthieu produces house music with depth, musicality and soul, his efficient and confident production chops creating tight, effective tracks where conflicting textures rub up against each other and melodies take intriguing twists and turns.He’s spent the last twelve months in Vienna, writing and recording his new album ‘Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication’ for Jazzy Couscous records, the album title taken from a Leonardo Da Vinci quote. The emotive ‘Winter Will Be Long’ kicks things off, setting the tone for a set of carefully crafted, emotive house tracks, characterised by a production style that is sometimes clean, crisp and precise, sometimes gritty, raw and almost glowing with warmth.

Support for the album has come from DJs from across the house music spectrum including Danny Krivit, Mr V, Francois K, Danny Howells and Severino from Horse Meat Disco, which is no surprise considering the range of moods contained within ‘Simplicity…’. Album highlights include the German vocalist Meggy’s gossamer-light performance on ‘If You Care’ and the murky depths of the atmospheric ‘Intense’, which contrasts nicely with the clean, precise synths and beats of the breezy ‘Sans Saviour’. ‘Kafka’ expertly assembles tight, restrained synths which gradually morph into a Euro-tech wig-out while the deeper, driving ‘Pegasus’ presents a more stripped-down version of Matthieu’s dancer-targeted music.‘Sophistication…’ finishes with the massive Byron The Aquarius remix of ‘Winter Will Be Long’, a moody, jackin’ groove with jazz-ish keys with an unsettling undercurrent, creating a disquieting, dance floor destroying finish to an extremely accomplished album. With just the right balance of atmosphere and dance floor dynamics, this is a collection of music that will sound superb in the club and on the journey home too.

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