Polyswitch – Endeavor 212 (Byron The Aquarius Remix) [Astrofever Records]

AFR003_Polyswitch - Endeavor 212 (Byron The Aquarius Remix)_[Astrofever Records]
From his humble beginnings in 2011, North African, Casablanca-born and based producer has been continuously shaping his sound signature in the sphere of electronic music, resulting in a cross-genres blend appealing to both DJs and music fans from all across the spectrum. After a small run of exalted singles and EPs, Polyswitch gravitates towards the full-length format with “PRAISE THE SUN“ a 13-track sonic testimonial showcasing his distinct sense of substantially blending a vibrant profusion of musical currents.

Emanating from an expression of delight and adoration, “PRAISE THE SUN” can be used as a universal answer to questions like ‘What to do?’ when there are no other solutions left. Reflecting the times, recorded during periods of duress and uncertainty, “PTS“ is a body of work conveying feelings of harmony, hope, love, and unity throughout 13 sublime musical works harkening back to the Jazz-funk fusion days with flavours of house, soul, hip-hop, and electronica. Within, the artist introspectively addresses perseverance and resilience using instrumentation as the prime expression vessel.

“PRAISE THE SUN” could very well be seen as a message of hope to a generation coming of age in a time of decay, collapse, institutional corruption, and societal change.


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