Times & Tunes with Marina Trench

marina trench

New year, new you, new crew! Another rising star from France, Marina Trench, joins the WOLF Music family, following up an inaugural EP on DJ Deep’s highly acclaimed Deeply Rooted with this accomplished and diverse four tracker of house goodness.

Absorbed by house music from an early age Marina Trench is already proving herself to be a humble yet highly talented force to be reckoned with. Today, we managed to catch Marina for a quick interview.



Can you tell us where your from?  Where are you based right now?
I’m born and raised near to Paris. I’ve been living for quite sometime in Bordeaux but now I’m back.

How long have you been involved in music?  When did you first DJ?
I discovered house music as a teenager. House Music was immediately for me a good way to combine dance and energy. I was listening to DJ sets on the radio and I was very interested in the mix, the selection. My feelings about it encouraged me to understand the history of that specific genre better and to dig. A couple of years after I moved to Bordeaux for my studies in Fine art school, I started collecting records. I also used to start going to clubs quite a lot, house music was flourishing again at that time. In 2014, I also became a resident in a club called Bootleg which sadly closed a couple of years ago. This is really where I made my first steps as a DJs, by playing warm-ups and getting to know the crowd in front of me. Exploring house music and connecting!

You’ve been bubbling away for a couple of releases now, your first on DJ Deeps label. How did you arrive at your first release? What made you decide to make a record?
When I went back to Paris after my studies, my record collection was much bigger, I was Djing and had a little radio show too. The idea to have my own home studio to produce music was a kind of a new challenge to express myself in a different way. Producing music, getting my own sound, took me some time. I’ve been working a lot, spent many hours locked in the studio. I sent the first tracks to DJ Deep, got really nice feedback from him and he decided to sign the 2 first EPs and get them remixed by Kerri Chandler, Hugo LX and Fang (DJ DEEP + Romain Poncet).

How would you describe your style of music when you play?
My DJs sets are really focused on energy and dance beats as that’s what House Music is. The most important thing when I’m playing it’s always about making people dance. I often mix old school genres with newer tracks. But that will really depend where I am. I also like from time to time going into this  “selector” mode by blending disco, funk or neo-soul music.

Is your taste the same for your productions?
It is really a mix of all my influences. Of course I’m really into making people dance with my tracks. It such a joy when you play one of your own productions and people go nuts about it. Who knows what the  future might bring ?  Might do some Ambient too. Youu never how your mood will be one day to the next. It’s also important to be really free in your studio.

Most people have someone in their life who turned them on to music. Who was it for you?
Being passionate was the first thing that drove me to make and play music! I’ve always been surrounded by music because of my family. I was always hanging out with musicians, in clubs, record stores.  This is where I always feel good. They all helped me to develop my creativity.

Are you a collector of the records?
Definitely yes !  I’m always trying to go to record stores, distributors, online stores as much as I can.  As I’m playing more often now, I have more opportunity to be up front and test new things.

Are you precious about what format you play?
Totally, I’m very into vinyl format with the warmth it gives and the rush of adrenalin. I took my first steps with vinyl and I think I couldn’t change that! Of course, I cant deny MP3, it is a very good thing when you travel a lot and that also gives you the opportunity to test unreleased stuffs or get more music to play.

Where’s your secret spot to find records?
Paris has got a large selection of record stores like Heartbeat, Bettino, Syncrophone, Yoyaku etc. I also go shopping from time to time in Berlin when I’m in town. I go to distributors direct too as they always suggest new gems well in advance or release dates.  I have the opportunity to get records from friends or DJs which is also nice. And of course some discogs sellers when I want to find a specific thing.

Three records that mean something to you.  ( please provide a Youtube link for each one)

95 North – Elevation – Large Records

Troy Brown – True Confessions E P – TCB Music

Shazz – A View Of Manhattan – F Communication


Who do you admire in the music industry right now?
Hard to tell as they are so many excellent people out there but if I have to chose one then Cinthie! So much passion in this woman. I get to spend time with her lately and she inspires me a lot. Hours behind the decks or at the studio. She is a real force of nature! Also mentioning all the forces which exist in the music circle from label owners, to artists who spend many hours making things happen, promoters who give their time to create a party, and clubs of course.

How do you feel as a woman in an industry full of mostly men? How do you feel the music industry treats women?
We still have a long way before things completely change I think. It is clearly a male-dominated environment which is sometimes very difficult.  I don’t even mention when you start and how people can be mean much more with women, comments and all based on the fact you are a woman – this is really stupid. There is more awareness progressively but many things need to be improved. I’m grateful because I work with a super team who are protecting me a lot.  My agent is also a woman who is always very careful with me and my environment.

How did you connect with Wolf?
They started following my work a couple of months ago. Then, we got in touch through my management to send some music and everything came super naturally, exchanges were pretty fast they loved the music directly. I really liked exchanging and all the creation process with them. Super crew!

Were you a fan of the label? Do you have a favourite Wolf release? ( please provide a Youtube link)
I’ve always been a big fan of the label ! As a DJ I used to play those BSR, LB aka Labat and several other releases they’ve done. This Medlar is a perfect opener.


What’s the story behind this release?  How did the creative process begin?
This release completely reflects what I feel at the moment. The Waterside EP is very diverse vibes-wise.  The BPM are all different and a couple of distinct instruments are in it, too. For this one, I spent a few months working on it, I had lot of fun testing new stuffs – vocals DIY, worked also with a bass player (Monomite) – It is a very freeform piece of work and so is the result.

It’s your vocal on one of the tracks. Sounding so good.  Is that something you’ve done before?
Ah Thank you. Yes it is my voice. I don’t consider myself as a singer but I thought that could work.  When I did the tests it seemed to work so at the end I kept the lyrics on “Waterside” and “Train call”. It is a first.   I also liked the idea this was DIY at home, had so much fun doing it.  

Who’s hot right now? What’s your tip on who we should watch?
Many producers and djs to watch out for right now ! Producer wise all the releases of the label Discos Malvarrosa are excellent ! Special mention also to UK duo Yard One. I really like french producer Grant, Hugo LX or LB aka Labat and also Felix Leifur. Djs-wise, Ruby Savage or Alia’s dj sets are pretty hot right now, I really love their selection and vibes ! Carista also who is totally killing it ! Particularly into Alison Swing’s dj-sets very energetic and of course Cinthie !

What’s up next for Marina Trench?
2020 is looking good! Gonna play some new venues and festival in France and also in Europe. I’m still in the studio working long hours on a new EP and collab. Did a remix which is a collaboration with Ténéré for La Fine Equipe on Nowadays, should be out very soon.

Where can we catch you soon?
Schedule starts to be quite cool, first time in London next month playing B2B with Hugo LX.  Gigs in Paris, Edinburgh, Belgium, Germany and more. I will also play some Festivals this summer/spring. A cool program at the moment J